Zoea Rais Kabogo: If factors remain constant, former governor will be on ballot in 2022


First Governor of Kiambu County William Kabogo will be on the ballot for the Presidency in the 2022 elections.

Kabogo on Wednesday stated that given the continued under development and political mimicking he will seek to provide solutions as President.

“I have stated here and now that if things go on the way they are i will vie for Presidency because i have all it takes and i am ready to deal with this menace of corruption,” he stated.

“I served as Kiambu Governor for a whole term and my development record is in the public domain for all, so i am tested and worth the salt,” Kabogo added.

He further went on to caution President Uhuru Kenyatta to rethink his strategy of the Housing plan to build houses for low income Kenynas.

“President Uhuru needs to rework his Housing plan because with the current terms and policies, we will not have the houses constructed,” he said.

He said that after 2022 elections resources should be split according to populations in the counties to help in long term development.

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